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Considerations for interpretation of antibiograms in automated equipment

Considerations for interpretation of antibiograms in automated equipment


Speaker: Dr. José Luis Vargas Morales. Sección de Antimicrobianos, Centro Nacional de Referencia de Bacteriología - Instituto Costarricense de Investigación y Enseñanza en Nutrición y Salud – Inciensa, Costa Rica.

Live streaming: 17rd July 2020, from 13:00 to 14:30 h RILAA’s distance learning platform (UTC-2 / Etc/GMT+2).

Language: Spanish (no translation into English). 

Modality: Transmission with audio and video ¨live¨ followed by questions (via written chat) and responses from the speaker (via audio and video). The entire course is recorded and is available for later reproduction in the distance education portal of the INFAL.

Content: This seminar will address the experience of the National Reference Center for Incense Bacteriology (INCIENSA, Costa Rica) in the interpretation of antibiograms obtained in automated equipment (Vitek 2); the use of the Advanced Expert System (AES) as a complement in the suspicion of resistance mechanisms and the limitations of this methodology; and tests complementary to the automated susceptibility test.

Certificate: Each participant must meet the following requirements to download the certificate in pdf format: 1) Complete the evaluation survey and 2) Attend (at least 1 time) the full recorded version of the course.